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St. Joseph The Patriarch Church – Aguilar, Pangasinan

Posted on: Mayo 28, 2010

Sa Simbahan ng Aguilar.

          Napansin nyo na sarado ang simbahan ngayon, sinasarado na ito tuwing alas dose mula noong napasok ng magnanakaw ang simbahan, may mga ilang gamit din daw ang nawala.  Sadyang napakaganda ng simbahan dito sa amin, kaya gusto kong ibahagi ang maikling kasaysayan nito.

HISTORY OF THE CHURCH OF AGUILAR  (St.  Joseph the Patriarch Parish)

            The creation of the settlement as a parish did not accompany its founding as a municipality.  Aguilar did not have its own resident priest at once. It awaited the availability of Dominican personnel. Pending the arrival of its own Parish Priest, Fr. Juan Vela of the Parish of Salasa, took care of the town’s pastoral needs. It was through the efforts of Fr. Vela that the first convent of Aguilar was built. Fr. Juan Vela did not stay long in Aguilar because the inhabitants promised to contribute to make up the difference between 500 401 tribute in order to have their own curate. In 1808, it was finally granted spiritual independence when it was assigned its own Parish Priest in the person of Fr. Bernardo Torre.


            It was through the effort of Fr. Bernardo Torre that the first church of Aguilar was built. However, the construction of the more enduring concrete church and tower was begun by Fr. Benito Sanchez Fraga in 1846. The concrete church was the first to be finished. It was solemnly blessed on July 4, 1853. The church tower was completed much later in 1875 during the tenure of Fr. Juan Cordova.

            Also, in 1859, Fr. Lucio Asencio started the work on the church ceiling by having some logs sawn. The master carpenter at that time was maestro Cenon, who was also the master carpenter when the church of Alaminos was built. The ceiling was completed during Fr. Agustin Gallego’s time in 1867.

            In 1879, the church roof was changed from nipa shingles to galvanized iron roofing, during the time of Fr. Victoriano Garcia Ciano.

            During the 3 year stay of Fr. Vicente Ystigui as the curate of Aguilar (1872-1874), he built a concrete school for young women (1872), he built a brick wall around the Catholic cemetery (1873) and he constructed the High altar of the church (1874).

            In 1866, the big church bell of Aguilar arrived. Fr. Agustin Gallego received it in behalf of the parish. In 1877, another church bell was bought while another church bell was repaired. This was during the time of Fr. Victoriano Garcia Ciano.

              The parish of St. Joseph of Aguilar belonged to the Diocese of Nueva Segovia from its foundation as a parish in 1808, until May 19, 1928 when the Diocese of Lingayen was created with Bishop Leon Maria Guerrero as the first Bishop; up to June 28, 1985, when the Diocese of Alaminos was created with Bishop Jesus A. Cabrera as the first Bishop.


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hum, i usually don’t send in Blogs but gargantuan oeuvre and thx after the infos.

Hi – I am really happy to discover this. Good job!

can we contact you through phone?

09196134677 – what is it all about?

can i add some pictures of aguilar?

are you residing at Aguilar?

i need certificate of confirmation..

Salamat po sa pabgisita so blog na ito… you should see the parish office for your certificate of confirmation….

Do you know of mass schedules?

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